August 28, 2011

Chill day

Today everybody chilled because it's Sunday. I woke up at my normal time in America, around 11:30. Not much activity really. I have started eating French cheese for breakfast. It's sooo good. I really don't understand how everyone here is so skinny; they eat so much butter and bread.

I went on a walk with Anne-Soizic later while the parents talked with Morgan. There was a lot of tension and yelling at lunch about Morgan's new apartments. Anyway, the walk was really nice :) We went down to the canal again, and I was shocked to see tons of people jogging on the path. Apparently, today was Cambrai's triathlon! We had picked a special day to go for a walk. Seeing everyone running by us made me feel guilty about eating all that amazing cheese.

Later Morgan and I went over to Sophie's house. I wasn't sure what to expect when we went over there, but we ended up playing video games. I should have guessed. It was a lot of fun, even though they dominated over me. Sophie's parents are really nice and her bird is so cute. We munched on gummy bears and mango juice. The gummy bears here are so much better than America's.

Tomorrow we leave for l'île de ré and like I said before, I won't have my computer with me. Sorry. I will take tons of pictures and try to remember everything. School will start the day after we get back. So excited! And nervous. To the beach I go!


  1. I love European breakfasts. Have fun at the beach!!!

  2. WOW cheese, bread and gummy bears.Yummy:o) make sure your tummy is happy too.Have fun in Ile de Re! take some great photos to share.

    love you,


  3. I miss you a ton! I'm glad that all of your French studying paid off! I hope you have fun at the beach and a great first day! :)