August 21, 2011

Last Times

I'm almost out of here!

I finally finished packing today and now I have two bulging suitcases instead of one ginormous one. I'm getting my reality checks more often now, almost every minute. I've hardly been sleeping. Every time I go somewhere or talk to someone, I know it's the last time for awhile. It still feels weird though because life is still very normal around me and only a person in my situation would really understand these crazy, chaotic, exciting, sad, nervous, unprepared, scared emotions. Tomorrow is my last night at home. I've already seen most of my friends for the last time, been to Seattle for the last time, bathed my tortoise for the last time (yes, I will miss that), gone shopping at the mall for the last time. I keep thinking to myself "It's my last time doing this for awhile." I know I'm going to come back, but it's sort of incredible to believe that it will be in a year. Once I'm on that plane, I will probably stop freaking out. There's no going back at that point. My poor parents, they're probably both having heart attacks by now. Only two more days!

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