August 29, 2011

New School, New Kid

One last quick blog before I leave for the beach. I visited Saint Luc with Marie-Armelle this morning. It's a really pretty, big school made of bricks. We talked with the principal about my classes. In France there are three series that students are divided up into, depending on interests. There is S (for science), ES (for economics), and L (for literature). Guess which one I'm in. Now guess how many other students are in it... Yeah I'm in series L and there's 12 other students. All of them are girls. I was shocked at how small our group is, if not a tiny bit disappointed. Unlike America, when you change classes you don't change which students are in the class. So I will be with the same 12 girls the whole year... but I think I will be able to help the English teacher for a different series and meet more people. Also, there are different classes each day. For instance, I only have P.E. on Fridays and Geography on Monday and Wednesday. Also, there's a lot of time in the study hall to do homework, which is nice.

There are four stories to the school and since so few people are in Series L, it's on the top floor. Lots of exercise, since of course there's no elevator. Each floor is color-coded. I'm on the yellow floor and there's lots of pretty views from the windows.

The first day of school will be very short because it's only for orientation. My school back in America starts tomorrow, haha. I will be at the beach then :D Speaking of that, I have to finish packing. I will leave you now for a week or so. A bientôt!


  1. I did look it up...It looks so awesome! I can't wait to hear/read all about it! You are so lucky! I hope you have fun!

  2. Have fun! I can't wait to possibly see you in Spain!
    Lots of love,