September 27, 2011

Beatboxing and a Walk Along the Canal

 I'm not a Monday person, but Mondays in France aren't all that bad. I get to start school at 11am :) Plus I only have three classes: Assistant in English class, History, and Music. Nothing super interesting in particular happened for most of the day... except for in music class. For almost an entire hour the class learned how to beat-box. I am a horrible beat-boxer. However, while the rest of the class had moved on to something else, I continued to practice under my breath and managed to beat-box like a pro by the end of the hour. But then I lost my touch when I woke up the next morning :P Who knew that beat-boxing would become one of my interests in France? Little surprises are the best.

But as for the not-so-little surprises... they're not always the best. I learned something interesting and slightly horrifying after school in music class. I found out that I have to play a song on my clarinet by myself in front of a huge audience later for our "audition"... but that's not it. I also have to SING a song with a group of other girls for the same audience. I sing in the shower and around the house, but never in front of other people. The song will be in English and I won't have to sing it alone, so hopefully that will mask my inability to sing. But you can imagine my shock when I found out about this new addition to our little concert program in November. Anxiety? Just a bit, if you know what I mean... it's not like I have stage fright or anything. And in French? It's definitely not like I have a lot of stage fright :/

Let's take a short intermission now before talking about Tuesday, a.k.a National Strike Day. I finally got around to taking some pictures of my French academic life; that is, my academic life that consists of copying my neighbors fancy sentences and reading my kids books. But here are the pictures. Judge for yourself:

My textbooks that I leave at home and don't read.

Chemistry notes..... no idea what they mean.

History notebook
Aren't my notes so pretty? I copied them off a sheet of notes that the teacher gave me, but we can all pretend that I wrote them myself during her lectures.
SVT notes... about eyeballs.
Pencil pouch. Shoe pride.
Important booklet that I almost lost... twice.
New school bag!

I had to get up at seven this morning like all the other students with normal schedules. It was too early for my taste. I don't like Tuesdays. All the other days are all right, but Tuesdays and I just generally don't work together. My day was pretty busy with classes, but they weren't much fun. Well, maybe some of you may think that an economy class that you don't understand is fun... or an English class all about grammar that you learned in fifth grade... or SVT with a psycho teacher that insists on sitting a foot away from you the whole time to watch you write (or in my case, awkwardly copy the notes of my neighbor). We had to take tests in English class and in SVT today. It was kind of embarrassing when I missed one question on the English test... I didn't read the questions thoroughly. Here's my attempt at my SVT test. I think the question was to draw an eye and label all the parts, but I can never be sure of the assignments in that class...
It was as pitiful as it looks.
I had to embarrassingly raise my hand and tell Mr. Ego that I couldn't take the test. I find that whenever I'm talking to someone that I don't know, I start with "I'm American so... um... yeah... I don't understand." "Monsieur, je suis américaine et je comprends pas..."

After lunch I only had one hour of English class before school was over for me. It seemed a little ridiculous to go back for only one class, but then again the whole French schedule system is ridiculous. I walked back home from school for the first time because it was a bit redundant for Marie-Armelle to drive me back again after only an hour. It was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day so I didn't mind the fifteen minute walk. I walked part of the way with Manon and then managed to not get too lost on my own. Normally I have music school in the evenings on Tuesdays, but it was canceled today. We conveniently found that out after we had driven all the way over there to find the gates closed. So... since I liked walking around so much, I decided to go on another stroll in the evening by myself. For one, I need some exercise (I eat way too much cheese here). Also, it was a beautiful day. And lastly, I just wanted to go somewhere by myself for a change. It was so gorgeous outside that evening. I took pictures on my walk, just for you all:

A field that I stopped by at.

The wonderful canal of Proville.

Some fisherman off to the side :)

On another note, today was National Strike Day. It wasn't such a huge deal for me, personally, because my school wasn't canceled and no teachers were absent. I heard that since so many teachers in the Bretagne region of France were gone from school, school was completely canceled for the students! However on my way to lunch, I saw a bunch of teachers holding flags standing outside Notre Dame (the technology school for older kids next door to Saint Luc). That was about it for the anticlimactic Strike Day in my lil' town. Here are some pictures of the schools that I've neglected to upload:

SAINT LUC! Private school pride ;)
Notre Dame. Without the protesting teachers this time :)

Third floor of Saint Luc where most of my classes are.

In the courtyard.

Don't forget about Jesus.

And lastly, I have a shout-out for Miss Manon Petit. Salut, Manon! Je n'ai pas oublié ta demande :) So for everyone else, Manon is a friend in my class. She often reads my blogs and would like to be mentioned. So yeah, hey Manon. Just to make this a little more embarrassing for you, here's an old picture from when we made our English video together:

We thought this was going to be a video, not a picture, so we look a little somber. At least, Manon does. I just look silly.

That's better. The girl on the right is Sophie–my neighbor :)
Well, like I always say: I'm tired, so good night everyone. Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means that it's almost the weekend! :D A bientôt et bisous, tout le monde. Lot of love from France.


  1. Love your pix! You are pro blogger now! Love you!

  2. wow ! nos photos "souvenir" :D <3 merci !