September 9, 2011

Champagne and a Broken Wine Glass

Yeah... I broke my first wine glass today. I'm horrible with delicate, breakable, fragile things. But first, some things about the last few days here in Cambrai. I started music class on Wednesday and loved it. I was with different kids and the environment was less serious and more chill. The teacher had everyone make a little speech about themselves, why they chose music, what instrument they play, what music they like, etc. So naturally I was really nervous, but it went well. I didn't tremble. I am going to start playing the clarinet again, despite the fact that I haven't played it for two years. I met some nice new people in the class and am now sort of nervous that I won't remember how to play my clarinet. I have three hours of music on Monday and I don't have an instrument. Should be interesting.

Also, I had four hours of English on Wednesday. Four hours! It's so cute to hear the French accents on American words. The teachers often ask me for little pronunciation help or grammar assistance. I got really bored though after awhile. I have two different English teachers and I am going to help them later with different classes, I hope. Speaking of that, as I was leaving for lunch yesterday I ran into another English teacher. I simply wanted to say hello, but she asked me to come and follow her. I had talked with her earlier about speaking to her class sometime, but I had no idea that it would right then and there. The class was really fun and I talked to them for the whole hour! It made the teacher's job really easy :) She insisted for me to only speak English with them. They asked me all sorts of questions: Is your school big? Are there cheerleaders? (cheerleaders don't exist in France). What kind of music do you like? Do you know LMFAO? Do you like France better than America? Do you eat peanut butter in the mornings? Is it true that Coke is cheaper than water in the United States? Do you have a boyfriend? Can you drive? What, you can drive! Do you have a car?... All in all, it was entertaining :) It seemed like the class wanted me to come back, as it was a day of no homework for them and a day to goof off and make the American girl feel slightly awkward.

Also today I started P.E. It's called EPS here. It was a lot different than I expected. First of all there were tons of people. It was my class with my history/geography class (which has a lot of people in it) AND the class that I spoke in front of yesterday. Some of the kids in the class kept glancing at me and I heard some of them say something about me, but none of them approached me! It was like they had forgotten who I was :\ We had to walk far from the main building to get to the stadium. Once we were there we had to choose which series we wanted to be in. Again with the series. I stuck with series one because that's what my friends in my class were doing. It's badminton, acrobatics/dance, step, and swimming. Series two is muscular work, hand ball, badminton, and climbing. I considered doing that one, but I thought it would be best to stay with my friends and there were already too many people in that class. There could only be 30 students in each series so some unlucky people had to be moved to series three which is running, soccer, and swimming. My series is all girls again :P None of us want to run, haha. P.E. is two hours long and only on Fridays. That's it. We didn't do anything today because we ran out of time. I met some new girls in my class who recognized me from English First– that isn't worth mentioning. It was horrible. One of the most boring hour and halfs I've ever had. It was an optional course after school meant for preparing for a big English test later in the year. Never doing that again.

I keep running into random groups of friends that I know. Two over here, two over here. We're not all super close but we know each other. In France, if you walk past your friend you don't just wave at them or smile or just say hello. You kiss them on each cheek, then walk away. Sometimes without saying something. It's more personal that way I guess. Sometimes I forget the kisses and remember after it's too late. It's one of those culture things...

Today was a really great day because it was so short and I did a lot of things besides gym. After school Marie-Armelle and I went to Auchan, the HUGE supermarket, again to buy some new school supplies for me and to get food for the weekend. Sunday is Marie-Armelle's birthday so we're having people come over. Lots of cheese, yogurt, and cake awaits :) Then my friend, Manon, came over to work on our video for English class. It was extremely funny. I helped her a lot and wrote the script. She helps me a lot in French class and with the literature so in return I'm helping her with her English :) Our first attempt at the video was horrible, but I'll keep it for future laughs. The things that are so easy for me to say in English are so hard for French people to say. And vice versa... Example: "Say host family" "House fameelee" "No, host family." "Houst fameelee" It was fun :)

And immediately after that, Marie-Armelle, Xavier, and I went for a little get together at my Rotarian counselor's house. We all talked for hours. To be honest, I almost fell asleep because I couldn't keep up with the conversation. There were cute little things to eat... and oh yeah, champagne. Oy. It's against the Rotary rules to drink, but it's okay to drink a little something-something with your host families. It would have been rude if I didn't drink the champagne with them. I've had a little champagne before, but not a big glass like tonight. My throat was on fire, but I had to smile and tell them how good it was. Later, I accidentally knocked the glass over and it immediately shattered. They insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but it was super embarrassing. Oh and now that I mentioned– embarrassing– one more story. Last night I was watching the finale of one of my favorite reality shows. It was really intense, because it was the last episode, so I sort of squealed occasionally. I had my headphones in so I didn't realize how loud I was being. Suddenly my host mother was at my bedside. I nearly jumped out of my skin. She had thought that I was crying. I told her in English that "I was just watching my–" Oops, I'm in France. I said something rapidly in French, something like "Sorry, this is sort of embarrassing" but she just smiled and left. Yeah. Then she told the story to the Rotarians tonight. Note to self: Every little noise echoes in the house... So be quiet and stop watching reality shows at midnight. Hehehe.

So that's it for now. I can't really remember everything, just like I can't remember everyone's names. More later. This weekend is going to be really busy with parties, more church, and maybe horseback riding. I'm exhausted now. Bonne nuit et à bientôt :)


  1. Really enjoying your blog. good stories:) I'm just wondering what it'll be like reading it a year from now:) Oh, a beautiful life:)
    love you lots. xoxo

  2. Sounds like you're having so much fun!!!! I hope you're making lots of friends :) sounds like you are. Your name was announced today in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL because you did really, really well on your AP test! I clapped anyway. Homecoming is next month. Is there Homecoming in France? Miss ya!