September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday

If you hadn't noticed, I added some pictures of Lille to my last post "Adventures in Lille."

So today was Monday. The highlight of the day was music class. I discovered that I actually do remember how to play the clarinet and that I'm not all that bad; not as good as I was two years ago, for sure, but I managed to play the super high notes in our little partition. Music class was two hours after school. The first hour we practiced in our separate groups and then we presented what we had so far in the second hour in front of the class. Some of my notes were muffled, but at least my instrument didn't squawk like clarinets do when the notes comes out wrong. I have less nerves now when talking in front of people. It's actually easier in French because people expect you to make mistakes and talk funny. I was so proud of my new found ability to remember how to play my instrument, but then I realized that I couldn't read a note. The notes aren't like "A, B, C, D..." they're like "Do Ray Mi Fa So" (Pretty sure I spelled that wrong). So luckily there was another clarinet player in my group who could show me all the notes. Generally, if you ask for help here people will be very nice and willing to assist you. But if you're shy, you're really not going to get anywhere. I also had a lot of P.E. (study hall) today where I just read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm almost halfway through :) I like P.E. because I get to see new people in it, even though we don't get to talk much. When we changed my schedule to have some ES classes, I thought that all my séries L classes would naturally change to ES, but instead I got P.E.... nine hours of P.E. in place of séries L classes. But I do the same thing in P.E. that I would in French class; I just read my book meant for ten-year-olds. I like it.