September 13, 2011

Snoring and Pig Eyeballs

School again. I have to say... Monday was rough, like all Mondays are. School was sooo long (8:00am-5:30pm) because I had two hours of music after school. It wasn't much fun for me because I didn't have my clarinet yet so I had to standby and watch everyone else. We have to preform in a concert soon so I'm getting a bit nervous. Also, earlier in the day I helped another English teacher with her class. It was with older kids in more serious atmosphere than the time before. No more wild questions thrown at me. I helped them while they worked in small groups. The teacher insisted that they not speak French, but I knew they spoke French the minute my back was turned. It was fun even though they seemed a bit shy speaking English in front of me. I'm such an intimidating American with my ridiculous backpack and all ;)

So yeah... that was my first Monday at school. But after school, I had a lot of fun finishing my English video with Manon. Sophie came over too because she got locked out of her house. It took us forever to make the video because we couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't say "Ondres" with the fancy French tongue roll and Manon couldn't say "Aja" the same way every time. We took twenty takes before we got one that worked. Then we snuck into the kitchen and ate some cheese and yogurt. No. Lots of cheese and yogurt. It was amusing when the girls taught me how much cheese to take. The first time I cut a piece they exclaimed that it was too small. I gaped when they showed me how much cheese they put on one piece of bread. It's not a stereotype: In France, they eat cheese... a lot of cheese. Then we ate some some chocolate and things that aren't generally good for you. As a result, I have some sugar-resulted zits on my forehead :P Very attractive.

School was interesting today, Tuesday. So early in the morning I went to a class called SVT, which is basically the same thing as science. I had heard that the teacher, Mr. Ego (yes that's his real name) was a bit strange and I immediately saw what they meant when I walked in. The first thing I saw was an old man cleaning pig eyeballs. I seriously almost threw up. I looked around for the real teacher, but of course it was him. It smelled so bad for the whole hour and a half. For most of the class he talked to us while cleaning the eyeballs at his desk, cutting away muscle and gushy stuff. I felt nauseous. Then he made us all come to the front and watch him cut the eyeballs in half so we could see the insides. I won't go into detail. Let's just say that it wasn't the best class that I've had so far. Later while we were taking notes, he came over and hovered over my desk. I got really nervous that he would touch my stuff– I really wasn't digging the thought of eyeball juices on my notebooks. Anyways, yeah. That's Mr. Ego for you.

SVT finished early so I had to eat my lunch outside of the steps of the lunch building for P.E. (not physical education. It's the study hall). I had two hours of Italian and we apparently eat in the P.E. building. Some people called me over and I talked with them for a while before class. They were really interested in America and all say that they want to go there (to New York, Florida, and California. Same states every time I ask.) I decided that it is too much work to take another language on top of learning French. I wanted to stay there, though, because the people were so nice, but it's just too much work and confusion with the languages. But now I know. I tried, I found out, and now I know for next time. Motto of my time in France so far.

I was home alone for awhile after school because Marie-Armelle went to the parent reunion/conference. Afterwards I found out that I may be able to switch into séries ES– ES will have less French literature and more economics so therefore maybe I will be able to keep up more with the conversations :D We will make an appointment with the principal and find out if that's possible. Normally in France one can't switch back and forth, try new classes for fun and then quit the next day. Normally, you can't. But there are special exceptions for me– the foreign girl. I'm glad that my school isn't super strict and that the teachers are nice and understanding with me.

In the evening I did iChat (same thing as Skype, but for Macs) with my parents in America and my host parents joined us. They said lots of nice things about me and spoke English for my mom (French for my dad. He's fluent.) I adore their French accents. Their English is really good, but they don't speak a word of it with me. It's for my own good. It was interesting to see both of my lives in the same place, same time. I'm not sure which one I'll miss more overall. I've only been here for three weeks, but it feels like I arrived yesterday. I haven't really had much of a culture shock yet and I haven't gotten super homesick. Sometimes I keep thinking (usually in the middle of not understanding a class) "I wish I was home right now... with English-speaking people who understand me" but at others it's "I already don't want to go back home." It changes like the weather. Speaking of weather... It rains and clouds-over here just like Seattle. Just like home! Rain! Clouds! Whoo! Nah, I love it here :)

Oh by the way, I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. Why? My host dad snores like no other. It echoes like crazy in the house and his snoring is sooo loud. The house shakes. I don't mean to be rude, I know he can't help it, but still... Finally I fell asleep by wearing my noise-canceling headphones that are meant for planes. It worked. Like Marie-Armelle I have to start going to bed earlier before he falls asleep and starts snoring. Oh darn, I missed my opportunity. He's snoring right now. Better get my headphones. Good night. :)


  1. You are doing SO well! I'm SO proud of you! Did you tell me that your host parent think I might be a tiger mom? That's funny. I know french food is great and all but do try to eat more veges and less sugar:), Love your blog! keep up the good work:)

  2. Make sure Mr.Ego ( that's his real name?)keeps his eye out for you:)

    it's a great story:)