September 14, 2011

Three weeks, already?

I can't believe that I've been here for three weeks. It feels so much longer than that. I counted the days again and again, but it's true. Three whole weeks already. It's such a short amount of time contrasted with my whole year here and yet it seems like so much. I've done an incredible amount of things here already and I can't imagine how different things will be at the end of this year.

I love Wednesdays. Why? For one, I can get up two hours later than usual at 9:00am because my classes start later. Also, my classes are very simple to remember on Wednesdays, for a change. I have two hours of English with Madame Simon, then two hours of English with Madame Lemaire, and then two hours of French with Madame Massy. Voilà. I'm actually learning new things in one of my English classes– like the many different types of literary genres (picaresque? epistolary? novella? bildungsroman?) However, most of the time I get bored and read my Harry Potter book, which by the way... I FINISHED!!! In French! It's the first lengthy book that I read in French. It took a long time, but it feels really good to know that I'm capable of reading French novels– with the help of my handy pocket dictionary, of course.

I only had two hours of classes in the morning before I went to lunch. Marie-Armelle was in Belgium today (it's only like an hour away) so I couldn't eat at home. Therefore, I ate lunch at Marie-Michelle's house with her friend and brother. We ate SO many French fries. Since they will be my third host family, it was nice to visit them. I love their house–it's so colorful. Also I love that they have a mini-farm in their backyard with chickens, cats, rabbits, and a horse! The dad is a farmer, I believe. They're really nice and I will spend the night at their house this weekend and go to Lille with them while the Raux are visiting their son, Morgan. I'm so excited to go shopping in the big city! I'm such an American... I love big classes, big stores, big cities, etc. etc.

We were a bit late to class after lunch, but didn't have to get a note or anything. I thought that the school would have been really strict about tardiness, but I just walked in late and that was it. I talked a lot in my next block of English classes. The teacher wanted me to talk about my personal experience with 9/11. It was hard though because I was so young at the time. I think I talked too fast because afterwards the class stared at me with glazed eyes like they had been listening to some Icelandic person talk. One girl had started to cry. At first I thought that it was because she couldn't understand me and got upset, but then I learned that something else was bothering her. It would have been horrible if she really was crying because I spoke English too fast... it would have also been a little strange.

For the first time since school started, French class was easy! We just read the whole time. That's how I got the chance to finish Harry Potter :) Later after school Marie-Armelle and I visited the local theater in Cambrai. I'm going to start taking theater classes next week with five other people. Hopefully it will improve my French since a big part of theater is the voice and the script. Yes, I'm a little anxious :P

I was home alone for dinner tonight because the Raux had a get-together with their friends. It was strange and a little lonely– eating my cheese all alone :\ I have an appointment with the principal to talk about changing my class séries. Also, on Friday I am going to speak in front of some little kids about how awesome it is to be an exchange student. :D Excitement and nerves. Good night for now :)


  1. Yay! First post:) I really want to go to Belgium. Have fun in all your classes!!! It feels like you've been gone long too, but that's because I MISS YOU!!! By the way, I really like your blog. Love ya :)