September 20, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

Today was a crazy day... so it's going to be another loooong blog :) It was my first day of séries ESI think as far as difficulty goes, my séries ES class is very similar to my séries L class. I didn't understand much... actually I didn't really understand anything. We talked about banks and money and economical situation and, uh, more banks. But I'm glad that I'm taking the classes because I've already met some super nice people in the class. Speaking of meeting people, lately I seem to be running into people that I know all the time. Except that they remember my name, and I can't remember theirs. I guess word has spread about the American chick in the school ;) The other day I was walking down the street with Marie-Armelle and some girl on the other side saw us and suddenly ran over. I thought she knew Marie-Armelle but suddenly she said "hello" to me (you know, kisses on both cheeks.) Yep, perfectly random. I kept trying to remember who she was, but for the life of me I couldn't. It's kind of cool how many people I know. It's nice to know that wherever I go in the school I'll probably find someone to talk with.

Later in the day I had chemistry/physics with my sane teacher (not Mr. Ego, thank goodness.) I got so close to understanding the notes that I was writing, but when I asked about it I realized that I was totally wrong. But my notes look pretty. French kids are really into using different colors and putting swirls on their letters. Anyways, I stayed after class to help clean up like a teacher's pet because I had to wait around anyways for the cafeteria to open. Oh man. The cafeteria today was a madhouse. All the students were like overcrowded, hungry animals wanting their food while the absolutely insane supervisors were the mean old hunters that kept shouting "RECOLLEZ! RECOLLEZ!" That means to "reglue" or "make a more orderly line" in this case. I wish I had taken a video, honestly. You guys wouldn't have believed it otherwise. Literally what those "supervisers" did next would have been outlawed in the US. So I was almost to the front of the blob of people when suddenly the superviser came screaming and steaming like a train towards us, yelling for us to "Recollez." Of course, we couldn't. There wasn't enough room... so the superviser made room. She started shoving kids to the side to make two rows instead of four. When the kids wouldn't move, she leaned all her weight (she was rather large) back on the students and shoved. One would think she was the school bully taking it out on the nerds. People were laughing, but also looking scared. So I went from the front to the very, very back. In the end, my friend and I had to just cut through the front and push a little to get our food. Phew. It was quite the experience. Moving on.

After lunch, I got lost for the first time by myself since I was a bit late to my next class, "Accomp. Personage" which is, which is, which is.... something important– but I had no idea was classroom it was in. I ended up following these two seniors around until I ran into someone I knew and I found out that it was in CDI (the library). I have to admit, I was rather proud to find the class in the end. After that I had P.E. but stayed in the library with my class. A group of us just talked the whole time. I find that talking about vulgar French swear words is a great conversation starter and good way to make people laugh. I have quite the comprehensive vocabulary now thanks to my many fabulous peer professors :) It was a very fun study hall. Then after not understanding history class, Marie-Armelle picked me up and told me that we're going to sign up to be in a little museum troop. So we went and got signed up. I'm doing so many activities here, it's awesome. But I have a feeling that I wouldn't be if I didn't know how to speak French decently :P We were running late for my next activity after that. Music school. The guy I'm borrowing my clarinet from wants me to be in his music school. On Tuesdays, it's with beginners so I'm mostly with little kids. I was super surprised to run into someone whose in my music class at my school. He was basically the only other teenager there, but the lil' uns were so nice to me and two mini-boys that played the clarinet helped me with the notes even though the song was really easy. I'm also going to music school on Saturday in the same place that's for older kids around my age. However, although the song for the little kids was easy (like it should be), I'm a bit nervous for the Saturday class. For one, I still don't know how to read notes. And also, I haven't practiced much at all... but people are really nice, generally, and usually if I ask– someone will help in one way or another. I'm going to carpool for the Saturday classes with the freshman boy who also plays in the music school. Also, I learned something important today. You only kiss someone on both cheeks the first time you see them; not every single time you see them throughout the day. Oops. Sometimes I forget all together about the kisses and sometimes I remember them all the time. It's a learning process.

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