September 30, 2011

Well, that was embarrassing

TGIF. It was a great day, honestly. Except for that one rather embarrassing thing that happened a bit later...

 I started the day with Economics (I was told that it's not "Economy" class, but actually "Economics") and found that it was much better than all the other days because for once I didn't just sit there with a glazed look on my face. The first thing we did was change seats. I was chosen, being foreign and all, to pick the pieces of paper with everyone's names on them for the new seats. I got a pretty bad spot– directly in front of the teacher. I guess I can't daydream or read my book anymore. I actually have to pay attention and pretend to understand everything even though that's impossible. That class is hard for everyone, thus even more difficult for me. But front and center, I'll have to make do until we change seats again. I just wish we would all change seats in my séries L classes too... but I doubt it. There's only twelve of us.

After Economics, I had sports for two hours. Badminton! Whoo! Yay!... yeah, I suck at badminton. Really, really bad. I can't serve underhand for my life. It was slightly embarrassing when the teacher came over and tried to help me before saying that maybe it would be a good idea for me to practice over the weekend. Luckily, I found someone who was near my level and played against her. I'm pretty sure we balanced each other out on the losing scale.

It was ridiculously hot again today (it's unusual for a week in Northern France to be so hot) so my face was very red the whole day. I ate at the cafeteria with Marie-Michelle and Hélène (her friend). The three of us talked for a looong time, more than usual, until we were the only ones left in the cafeteria! Suddenly, I feel like my French has improved. I can speak fairly fast now and can keep up with conversations. People tell me that they don't slow down when speaking to me and Marie-Michelle said that she thinks I'm fluent already. I disagree because I didn't understand when she said that I was fluent :P But I'm getting there quicker than I would have imagined! It's so nice to be able to communicate with everyone. I love French. It's such a pretty language. My hardest word to pronounce is "yaourt", which is "yogurt" in English. You try, then listen to a French person say it. Not easy and since I eat so much of it every day, it's kind of an important word.

After lunch I had history in a burning hot room, and then afterwards I was finished with school while everyone else went to D.S. I really liked today because I met new people in my classes that I hadn't talked with before. It was a good "faire connaissance" day. I find that often I don't know how to translate French expressions or strange words into English. It's a symptom of bilingualism!

After school I walked to St. Bernard and didn't get lost for a second. It was sunny, warm, and so French as I walked through the center ville past so many bakeries with baguettes in the windows. I helped the big English class again and was surprised by how many of them remembered me. We worked on the days of the week and months. Then I went back and helped the usual class (the farm field trip group), but they only did some housekeeping today for the parent/teacher conference. But it was all the while interesting because everyday with the little ones is intriguing. For one, the kids are tough as nails compared with elementary school students in America. If the teachers yelled at the American kids like the way they do here, the tears would be never ending. However, here the kids don't even blink an eyelash when the teacher screams at them in front of everyone for some unimportant reason. No more candy and praises for Tommy and Sally in France...

Immediately after St. Bernard Marie-Armelle asked me if I wanted to go hang out with a friend. Confused, I reminded her about my restrictions, but to my ultimate surprise she told me that I can go into town with other people! I was shocked. She told me that I only have to tell her exactly who I'm with and ask them to have their mother call her. I thought this was a big change, but she just shrugged and told me that it's been this way for awhile. It definitely hasn't been like this and I most definitely didn't have this freedom before, but I wasn't going to argue with her. I'm psyched! No more homebody days for me! :D

... but no one was available to do anything. Instead, I went on an amazing bike ride with Marie-Armelle by the canal. It was so so so so very gorgeous. We rode at sunset past fields of wheat and alongside the extremely calm canal filled with ducks and kayaks. It was a wonderful outing and that paired with badminton, I came to the realization that I'm very out of shape.

In the evening I talked with my parents on iChat (it's like Skype) for a good hour. It was nice seeing them. I knew that my mom wanted to keep talking and talking and talking... but I couldn't. It was good that I eventually told them I had to go, because I got a "nice" sunrise when I went downstairs. I had heard the doorbell ring, but I had thought that it was Anne-Soizic. But no. I ran into the living room to see– my neighbors! Sophie and her brother Simon! My hair was still wet from my shower and I was dressed in my homebody outfit with no make-up and no shoes. I haven't seen Simon for almost a month. It. Was. So. Embarrassing. They had been there for almost an hour just talking with the Raux because they've known the family forever. I wish I had known that they were there. It was so awkward sitting there looking like a shlump. Marie-Armelle didn't want to interrupt my conversation with my parents :P Hopefully my neighbors will come over again tomorrow and I can redeem my flustered, embarrassed self :P They thought it was really funny how I reacted and told me it wasn't a big deal, but it didn't make my cheeks stop blushing.

But the action and surprises didn't stop there folks. Nope! Anne-Soizic finally arrived around nine o clock... with her friend! It was a great dinner. We ate pizza while we talked and talked and talked and talked for almost two hours! Her friend, Zoey, is super nice and can do all sorts of accents including American, British, unnatural French on English, Parisian, New York, and more. It was a very fun evening with lots of laughter and good stories. Zoey told me my French is awesome and Xavier told me that I talk too fast and need to enunciate some of my words more carefully :) I wouldn't say it's a bad thing when someone tells you that you talk too fast in a foreign language.

Voilà. My Friday. I wrote this blog at midnight so it was in a jiffy. I have horseback riding tomorrow morning and then a day in Valenciennes with all the other exchange students to go bowling! Plus, the Indonesian girl is going to sleepover at my house tomorrow so probably no blog until Sunday. Good night. A bientôt et bisous :)


  1. Yay! First comment. Good job with your French! It sounds like a lot of fun :)

  2. I rediscovered your blog today after having lost where I bookmarked it :) It sounds like you're having a great time, and honestly I'm super jealous! I'm taking French online this year, and as it turns out I'm way behind where I should be at the start of French 4, but I'll catch up. Good luck with your classes, and your host mom! (I'll have to go back sometime and read your earlier entries to figure out why she's so restrictive...)Anyway, reading this really brightened my day and I'll make sure to keep up with your blog now :)

  3. Haha thanks Riley! I'm glad you like my blog :) I hope newspaper class is going well! I'm sure you'll catch up with your French. Thanks to you, I got the idea to do my independent French study last year and therefore learned a lot of French! And it helps SO much here to be able to speak well with others. So... thanks! :D