October 6, 2011

In the City

... well more like the town. Cambrai is a city, but definitely more "town-like" to me. One can walk around it from head to foot in one day and see everything. It's a town, but a lovely town at that. I got to adventure around over the last two days and it was awesome. But not everything about the last two days was that awesome. Okay, I officially admit that I do have a cold. No more maybes. I caught the trend. It sucks. Luckily, I got a giant orange scarf sent from my parents yesterday so my throat is much better wrapped up in the giant pumpkin colored blanket. Also, I had some good distractions as well.

So Wednesday... was not a good day. The only good thing, well it was actually a really great thing, was lunch. I got to eat out in town for the first time! It was so much fun. I went with Céline to a place called Bar à Pattes that specializes in pastas. It was a cute restaurant that a lot of young people eat at. I got pasta, a drink, and a tiramisu all for six euros! It was quieter and more relaxing than the cafeteria and I got to eat with someone my age. So it's basically the best way to go for lunch. In the town. The next time we're going to try the Chinese restaurant. Ooh la la. So cul-tur-aaal in Cambrai, France. We talked a lot and it was a super nice break between my FOUR hours of English. That's pretty much why I don't like Wednesdays– the complete waste of my time: English class. So I'm exaggerating, it's not a complete waste because I know that the teachers appreciate my help in the class, but as far as learning French and enriching my experiences here... uh... not so sure it fits the bill for that one. French class was better, but just a bit. We voted for the class presidents and I got to tally the points on the board. Manon won (again) and so did a girl named Marie. And speaking of Manon, she and I both did really well on our English video. She almost leaped out of her chair. I was glad that she was happy about it. Grades are super important in my fancy ole private school. I'm kind of curious for why no one else in my own class of twelve has asked me for English help... unlike Justine, Thibault (her brother), Clothilde, Marie-Michelle, plus some others. I don't bite, I swear.

Oh and another thing... next Thursday I'm going to PARIS!!! My heart leaped when Mme Massy announced that. Yes!!! Paris!!! SO excited! We're going to the Louvre and some other historical/literary places and hopefully we can take some touristy pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. Can you believe it? A school field trip to Paris! Aaahh yeah. Put your tourist hat on and your camera batteries in– here comes the American girl! I can't wait.

After school, we went to the theater so I could quit. So awkward. Two kids in the class were there to listen to my awkward "Well, um, the theater isn't really my thing yet... and it's difficult... and uh, yeah maybe later this year..." I figured that it wasn't a good idea to mention the fact that I wasn't digging my class of eight either. I got to talk with my second host mom, Muriel, a bit beforehand because her daughter, Lucie, does theater as well. She's very nice and under a lot of pressure with her autistic son. I admire her for that. It's not easy for that family all the time. Life will definitely change in January when I go to live with them. Dinner was harsh that night. I learned why Marie-Armelle hasn't been too happy. A close of friend of her's died today and also the sister of one of Xavier's workers died yesterday :P Then today (Thursday) Steve Jobs died! I was shocked! And they were all the same age: 56. So young. Steve Jobs was an amazing man that changed the face of the world and personally for my family. I don't know what I would do without my iPod. I don't know who I would be without by memories of Pixar movies from when I was little. RIP computer genius heaven. You will be missed, Mr. Jobs. I think Bill Gates had something to do with it... Jussayin'.

So that makes three consecutive deaths in the first week of October... Hmm... It's hard to remember that every second someone is losing someone that they love. It just puts it into a little perspective when three people die (relatively important to your life) die in a row–I'm going to be cool and say I knew Steve Jobs. I walk past a cemetery every day to school. I can't avoid thinking about this perspective. It makes all the little things way less important and my inability to look past them most of the time even more evident and aggravating...

... that all just sounded very gothic and gloomy. But I really do have to walk past the crazy huge cemetery every day. It makes rocking out to my music on my walk a little inappropriate and awkward... There are so many awkward times here, you have no idea, but that's okay. Life's just kind of awkward sometimes.

On another note: I'll wait it out for awhile, but I'm honestly really wanting to change into the ES class completely. I have the most English out of all my classes. It's sort of ridiculous. I mean I'm in France to learn French... not middle school grammar again. But, I'll adapt. I'll learn. I'll be creative. I'll figure something out. I'm not the kind of person that just sits still and takes the blows. Either I'll make something change or I'll change my mentality and make the best of it. It's so easy to say those wonderful optimistic things, but incredibly hard to sit still and keeping thinking about "the bright side".

Speaking of the bright side... yes, there is one :D

Let's skip to today: Thursday. Today got better and better as the day went on... slowly but surely. I started early with French class. Meh. I was exhausted and didn't understand anything so naturally I just colored all over my agenda. Next, good ole English... so interesting and intriguing that I don't remember anything about it. Afterwards I went to my favorite session of study hall. It's with about fifteen of the ESB students that get to talk the whole time. We actually did a little bit of work this week while sharing candy and yapping about life. That hour is quite fun. I got invited to Mathilde's house again on Sunday to hang out with the Proville crew so we'll see if I can go. A lot of young people actually live in this pretty, sleepy neighborhood. It must be the canal... or the amazing night club around the corner from my house. Kidding. I tend to think that I'm really funny when I'm exhausted like this. Excuse my bad humor please. Moving on.

I ate lunch at the house again and we had my favorite bite-size potatoes. We eat a lot of potatoes here in the North, not to mention the cheese. Oh the cheese. Anyways, in the afternoon I had History and Economics. They passed by with lots of coloring and daydreaming. I was very impatient to leave because right after school ended I hit the town with Marie-Michelle for some shopping! I love shopping with my future host sister. It was incredibly fun. I told my host mom that I would be back by five but ended up getting home a little after seven. I had to keep sending her texts saying that I would be ten minutes late, then twenty minutes late, then thirty... then ended up being an hour. It was kind of cold today so I had my pumpkin scarf on... as you can see here:
We peeked around in a couple stores to look for some shoes for me. I'm in desperate need for shoes– boots and flats in particular. No luck... but we did take some fairly classy pictures:
I'm not much of a tourist.

Hats with ears... we were definitely not allowed to take pictures in that store. We're such rebels :)

We took a quick break and bought some amazing beignets from the bakery. They were filled with chocolate and caked in sugar, but the downside was that they were cold :/ Still great, though. Marie-Michelle said they're the best when they're hot so I guess we have another excuse to go back and try them again. :D

Obviously enjoying ourselves.
After satisfying our shared love for pastries and sweets in general, we went shopping some more and I found two pairs of shoes and two rings! I got a pair of boots, flats, an owl ring, and a bow ring. :D I spent all of my monthly allowance from September, but oh guess what– it's October so I'm looking forward to another shopping spree to get some new winter clothes. It's cold now, just like home in Seattle. :P Here's what we managed to accomplish:
Note the scarf.

We ate our beignets on the steps of that building behind me.
I was very late already when I started walking back home, but I couldn't resist passing by and taking a picture of this: (I go past it everyday to school)
A monument thing from the war. I think.
I also stopped by the huge cathedral for a moment because I was cold and wanted to take some pictures inside again... however the minute I stepped in I heard loud singing and praying. I peered around the corner and saw a huge event in session. Oops. Guess I almost crashed a church service. I had to pick up the pace on the way home after that. I have my own house key now with a Tweety bird key chain and luckily Marie-Armelle wasn't mad at all when I burst in an hour later than planned. Dinner was nice that night. We talked and laughed and I think Marie-Armelle and Xavier are less sad about their friend passing. Life goes on. Always.

I talked with my parents on iChat after dinner for an hour-plus-something. I'm not really homesick yet so talking with them doesn't make me feel even more homesick... well. Sort of. I saw my cat for the first time in over a month and I teared up a little.

I've heard that a lot more people that I would have ever expected are reading my blog. If you do read my blog, it would be kind of cool if you clicked the "follow" button because I would like to see who's reading my lil' stories. You don't have to, though. Also if you have questions, ask away!– even though I pretty much talk about everything on this blog... on the Internet... for everyone to see... Ooh, the pressure's on.
It's so late right now. I have to get up early tomorrow. This no-sleep thing is really not agreeing with me. On top of a cold, I really should go to sleep earlier... but that little voice can't compete with my internal teenage clock that only wants to go to sleep when it's past midnight. But I will sleep well because tomorrow is Friday! Whoo! And then it's the weekend! Good night everybody. A bientôt et bisous :)


  1. Your blog is getting better and better every time, pretty soon you'll be a pro blogger and a great writer. Yes you will be. keep believing:)keep live your life like there is no tomorrow:) at least that's the spirit:) at mean time you'll still have to sit through the English classes:)May be you can read your own books;)if it's ok with your teacher.
    Fall season is the time for leaves to fall back to the earth, and people often do too:( Let's live life to the fullest:)
    Try to take good care of yourself by getting more sleep:)
    Love you always.

  2. how interesting your blog ... Cambrai is a beautiful city, I hope to meet him someday ..
    for English classes do not worry as an aid to see what your colleagues so that they will help you in French. I'm anxious to see that write to Pariis! luck