November 22, 2011

Manneken Pis and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

That title probably looks like gibberish to you. I shall explain. But first off, it seems like my daily blogs just changed to weekly blogs. Sorry :P There's always so much going on, it's hard to keep track of it all. But I will attempt to update you... for those who still curiously check this blog everyday to find the same post that's been up for a week. Um, anyways where to start?

Let's talk about yesterday before I forget and then backtrack. So I had my concert last night! It actually went really well. I was pretty frazzled all day because I mixed up my schedule and woke up an hour late. I thought I was getting a ride to school but I ended up having to walk-- super speed walk, more like it-- and I wasn't late to my next class. Skills. Anyways, the concert was in the study hall building and the seats seemed pretty filled with all the parents. We had a sloppy rehearsal beforehand but the real thing pulled together by itself. I introduced everyone with my handy note cards (thank you Morgan and Sophie). I made some errors and blubbered sometimes but at the end people congratulated me and said that I did well. I also didn't flub my song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. People got a kick out of the title when I said it in my "classy" American accent.

"Maintenant je vais jouer un petit morceau pour vous... elle s'appelle supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

It was actually a graded concert so I hope I "passed." I better have. Seriously, I need points worth more than brownie points for being the presenter and all. I was sort of forced to do it, but it turned out in the end to be a good experience. So who would have thought that I would ever pick up my clarinet again after three years, play a Disney song and talk in front of a room full strangers... all in French... all in France. I guess it made me more confident. Plus, my fear of microphones has largely subsided. But still, it's a scary thing.
That's us playing our song ;)
The other performances were really good. When I got home I bought a lot of the songs that the people had sung/played. My iTunes library is consisting of more and more French songs. All the songs that I've listened to here and always going to be the ones that I'm going to remember as the songs from this year in France.

So now that the large scary concert is no longer lurking in the shadows of the future... I am more at ease. As for the rest of the week beforehand, let's see... I'll try to recall the highlights:

Monday: After school I went with Marie-Armelle to her friend's house. I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be about, but like all random opportunities like that I said yes. It turned out to be a little Bible study session. No comment.

Tuesday: So remember that Physics test that I thought I totally bombed? Well, guess who got the best grade in the class. Me. (What!!) I was shocked. I got 13 (out of 20) while some of the smartest girls in the class got 4's and 7's. I kept thinking "How in the world is that possible??" I am 70% sure that I was graded easier because if you saw some of my responses... you would understand. I mean at the end I even wrote to the teacher "There probably isn't a correct answer on here, but I tried." So yeah. I'm definitely keeping that test for a long time. Then later I took a history test that I was 99% sure I failed. I hardly understood the questions, and the sentences I wrote were that of a third-grade grammar level. But oh well. I tried.

Wednesday: I had lunch at Marie-Michelle's house! My host family was out all day so I went back over to her house after school also. I really like that family and I love their house. I'm very excited to live with them later on this year. Her grandparents eat with them every Wednesday and her grandmother makes homemade French fries. Yum. It was fun after school too. Marie-Michelle had some homework so I helped her mom, Isabelle, cook a very "orange" dinner. Carrot tarts and pumpkin soup. Everyone in that family is so sweet. And I love how they have a very big car that is always blasting music. It's like the party SUV that can hardly fit on the narrow French streets.

Thursday: Got the history tests back. 14. I swear, I don't understand. I think it was luck that I don't think will last for all my tests. But I do have my extensive history class from last year to thank. I guess I retained some of that stuff after all. I was pretty proud and shocked yet again. It was one of those tests where the teacher says the question, you write down the question, and then you answer the question. Completely oral, no multiple choices, no true or false, not much room for guessing... and yet... I got a 14 :)

Friday: A super great Friday. I ate out in town with Céline, the other Céline, Marie, and Mathilde. We went to a Japanese restaurant and I had sushi and potstickers for the first time in almost forever.. so delish! I was surprised to learn about Cambrai's ethnic restaurants. They're all really good.

So then when I went to Saint Bernard I ended up helping a different class. Remember the last time at the recess break with my "new best friends"? Yes, the little nine year olds still remembered me and screamed and shrieked in joy when they learned that I was going to their class. They all kept grabbing my hands, giving me hugs, and asking me questions. I'm quite popular in that class, I must say. So then afterwards I went and saw Breaking Dawn (you know, the fourth and almost final Twilight movie *insert fan screaming*) with Manon. Yeah... well, Manon freaked out and claimed that it was the most amazing movie ever. I didn't exactly have the same opinion, but it was a fun night. I was surprised not to hear people laughing throughout it. People took the awkward scenes very seriously. I think it just made it way more awkward. But I like seeing movies in French theaters. And I was pretty proud to have understood almost everything.

Saturday: BELGIUM!!! It was Anne-Soizic's birthday so the whole family (Morgan and the grandma also) went up to Bruxelles for the day. I wasn't feeling too hot for the afternoon because I have a stupid cold. But it was all right because we basically talked and ate for most of the day. I gave Anne-Soizic a pair of earrings and gave the grandma a box of chocolates. We had two amazing cakes (one was a cheesecake, but it was nothing compared to good ole New York style...) And they had the wicked French firework/lighter candles:
Seriously like the best cake ever. First: a layer of meringues, then fruits, then ice cream, then a Speculoos cookie base.
Gettin' the cheesecake ready.
Then that night, we hit the town! Bruxelles is where it's at. It's beautiful, lively, young, and where the party's happening. That sounded ridiculous, but anyways it was more fun to roam around in than in Brugge which is calmer and more... uh... historic? We passed so many waffle shops (legit waffles that I really wish I had gotten to taste.)

And I got to see the most famous monument in Belgium... apparently.

... a masterpiece.
 Yes, it's a statue fountain of a little boy peeing. It's called the Manneken Pis and it really is the most famous monument. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. But everyone was taking pictures in front of it like it was the Eiffel Tower. All the boutiques had imitations in their store fronts and all the cheap tourist shops sold little minis. I bought one for my Rotary vest :) No one will understand that back in America. Here's a glimpse of Bruxelles for y'all:

Classy shopping area. I bought some chocolates there.
Live Christmas manger in the process of being built with live animals! No Jesus, though.

The guys who don't move unless you give them money.
With the famous Manneken Pis.
A wannabe Manneken Pis. Wit dem waffles. :)

Another wannabe. Chocolate imitation.
I love Bruxelles.
So I had planned for Sunday to be a day to get a lot of things done. You know how that goes... But I did prepare like crazy for my concert. Morgan was around and he was very helpful. He and Sophie (who came over later) helped type up all my introduction papers. And then we watched YouTube videos for like two hours. They really like Britain's Got Talent.

So like I said, "I got a lot of things done."

So there was my week. I probably forgot things, but at least I got most of the details spilled out. Thanksgiving and my three month anniversary here are coming up. Love to you all, wherever you are. A bientôt et bisous :)

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